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 ‘Life is 80% of how your emotional reaction is to anything and 20% of whatsoever the problem is’. In work place, people skills framing the success and sustenance level of any employee, identifying and assessing one’s emotions to a particular problem and controlling becomes important. Work satisfaction is determined by the relationship a worker has with his or her boss. Also, to add to the success parameter note, only 20% IQ (Intelligence Quotient) can help you to be successful in life, rest 80% success depends on your Emotional Quotient (EQ).

Main reason of introducing Emotional Intelligence in today’s corporate is to maximize the importance of both organization and employees, thereby bridging the gap of leadership and relationships in work-space. Thus organizations today are interesting to know the importance of EQ among employees in order to foster the importance of healthy-work life balance to maximize work productivity As a result, an emotionally intelligent organization has a greater impact on the employee’s productivity and efficiency and on the whole organisation.