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Software Development

Web Development

Product Development

Why Choose IT Services?

Aiming at Agile Growth through Bang-on IT strategies and Services

Every IT business owner aims in sustainable business growth, aiming at positive measurable results. Hence to support our IT industries clientele, our experts’ at Diksha IT edge, co-created the best business practices for garnering best predictable year round outcomes. If you’re looking at an array of selected IT services aiming to transform the next generation through digital disruption – these are some of the pros you must be introduce. 

  • Architecture development and planning. 
  • Latest Software application and development. 
  • Seamless website UX and UI. 
  • Product development solutions. 
  • Transforming next generation through digital disruption and Innovation. 
  • IT software and services provided are SAAS software, cloud computing services for education, consulting, support, data security etc, developing marketing database software and technology, cloud engineered systems, enterprise software products and database management systems, machine learning, human interface technology, IOT services, maintenance and independent validation services in finance, insurance, manufacturing and other domains, analytics, mobility, cloud, Robotic Process automation, Digital Accessibility Services.

Software application and development services

Innovative software’s and application services are of no use, if it doesn’t do justice to your client’s business or his requirement. Creating an effective platform thereby engaging the customers in the right way is what we look forward as part of our customer-delight-process.

  • Architectural Planning And Design. 
  • Working with Java and Microsoft, PHP, Angular Js. 
  • Operations on C,C++, Php, Python, Ruby, JS, SQL. 
  • In-dept expertise and knowledge on server technology. 
  •  Implementation of cloud computing service console like AWS. 
  • Integration and development of Content Management System. 

WEB Solutions

You’re wishing to create a presence in the digital space, but still at a fix as how to go about ? Don’t you wish creating classy appealing websites which is worth sharing more than your visiting card? Seamless integration of the website interface as per digital marketing protocols and parameters are something we aim to create with our team of web and digital marketing experts.

  • High-end Software Development. 
  •  Latest web applications and web portal development. 
  • Skilled team of developers. 
  • Integrating Web Services in Mobile Technologies. 
  • Maintenance and Support – ‘Even When Your Site is Live’. 


We just don’t look at PRODUCTS, but one-step-ahead that. Thinking of a new product to develop and introduce in the market, bring it to us as a sketch or give your idea – we develop and design thereby creating solutions for greater possibilities.

  • End to End Design Solutions through MEM. 
  • Real Time Evaluations, data acquisition and automation softwares. 
  • Engineering Simulation assessing product performance. 
  • Development of payroll softwares. 
  • Technical publications for compiling documents.  


Always having the FEAR of losing your data? Using data effectively and seriously besides protecting it for businesses, sales effectiveness and for customers and prospects – is quite important these days. Moreover, data privacy and security has become an important countdown in every organization in order to prevent data loss, protect important information by understanding areas that are more prone to external attacks.

a. Building a good data strategy for all relevant data assets
b. Train your troops for knowing about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
c. Minimise access privileges to avoid breach
  • Assess organization’s current data security system
  • Install and scan malware protection software by regular back-ups and scanning


In this millennial age, data-proof is a must! Yes, be it business or any technical hub – clients believe only in statistical real-time growth, especially numbers. Hence, in order to help companies flourish, we devise insightful analytic services of real time data with accuracy and precision. Our data analytic services cover: quality assurance, data integration, data management, data visualization as well as outsourcing in this area

• Data Visualization
• Data Warehouse Development
• Big Data Consulting 
• Advanced Data Analytics 
• Outsourced Data Analytics

  • Assess organization’s current data security system
  • Install and scan malware protection software by regular back-ups and scanning